Amateur Night

Started the evening in Eataine – slid all the way from the WC to Sanctuary of Dreams (no animation) – at first there was no-one there; then Order de-cloaked and I was stomped by about 100 of them – deep joy.
Defence of Pillars of Remembrance – I was that 1 Blorc tank wall. I started out in a quite impressive tank wall but the others must have been under guild orders not to get their armour dirty.
Loads of lag/stuttering animation/grey armour and weapons – I hope 1.4 sorts this out, it’s getting to be a right pain in the arse.
Ended the night in LotD and doing Tome unlocks again – this is getting tedious – now 55% into RR43.

Not a good day in WAR.


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Warhammer, VMax, Fortean Times, Prog Metal, Guinness
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