Fade To Grey

Reached RR42 on the Blorc and got the Conq Eadplate in LotD – now 42% into RR43.
Had a brief look at Da Boss mastery tree and decide to give it a miss until I get all the Conq gear on.
A lot of stuttering graphics this evening – it took around 10 seconds for the graphics to load when I logged on and throughout the evening, when changing regions,  the armour and weapons stayed grey for quite a while before rendering.
FPS went lower and lower over time – /reload ui cured it for a while.

Seems to be a lot of Witch Hunters with pocket healers around at the moment – flavour of the month I suppose – damned annoying though.

How difficult is it to fix the geometry where Order can get access to the top of the building in Dusty Dry? It’s a pain for the defenders and unfair on other Order players who don’t get a shot at the hero or airship.


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