Too Enthusiastic

I donned my Blorc character, sorted out the Account Entitlements and had every intension of re-acquainting myself with the Blorc abilities until I noticed that Southern Garrison was being attacked by Destro – so it was off to battle.
I got ganked at the outer gates – feverously my fingers darted over the keyboard but to no avail – I died just inside the gates – close enough for the Lord kill RR/Inf though and was eventually ressed.
Locked Praag then onto Reikland – another CTD at Morr’s Repose.
While everyone went to Altdorf, I decided to sort out my abilities and practise in PvE for a while.
Jumped on a flight to IC which never landed.
After a quick Sacellum Dungeon run I felt a bit more confident.
It’s a big step from the short TtK of the Choppa to the seemingly endless bashing of the Blorc.
Running with Toughest/Brawler mastery at the moment but thinking about trying Da Boss.
Picked up a Yellow Honeythorn Seed in LotD gives Liniment of War: Blood – my Blorc is specced for Cultivation and Apothecary.

Why have the Snotlings got propellers on their heads?


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