Exotic Jade

Started the night out sorting out the Account Entitlements – see previous – not really impressed.
LotD – KV Lock then onto Altdorf; except I went Tome Unlocking. Once more in LotD then Praag & Reikland lock (epic fight over Runehammer) and RR45 for the Choppa.
I now feel as though I’m getting somewhere with the Choppa – not dying so often and killin’ a lot more – looking forward to developing him further.

So now it’s the turn of da big fella – Black Orc. I like the Blorc – slow, steady and durable. I’ll do a few LotDs and Tome unlocks to get back into the swing of things then on to RvR.
50% bonus to RR and Exp this weekend – shouldn’t take too long to get him to RR45.

Anyhow – the new naff trophies available through the Trinkets of the World Pack got me thinking –
Exotic Belt Pouch, Exotic Hooped Discs, Exotic Silk Scarf, Exotic Animal Paw, Exotic Remains Of An Urn, Exotic Jade Torso, Exotic Roped Runes, Exotic Jade Ball, Exotic Jade Fan, Exotic Circles Of Fate
Exotic/Jade/Silk = Cathay = Vampire Counts (Jade Blooded)
Could be the prelude to a new region


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