Rewind A Bit

It was a bit of a slow start in T4 last night so I started some Tome unlocks until things livened up a bit.
Praag locked and it was off to Reikland – while taking Morr’s Repose I got a C++ Runtime Error swiftly followed by CTD. On getting back in I lost my place in the WB and just got back to the keep for the Lord’s death reward – came 140th.
Huge amounts of lag which I assume Myffic hope will be alleviated with 1.4 as the zerg will be more spread out in the new RvR.
Anyhow the Choppa is 25% away from RR45.

Bought the new Account Entitlements – Trusty and Starter Mount Packs, Training Pack and Herald Pet Pack.
Will the – Your Star Is Rising – quest still be there or has it been replaced with the Training Pack?

Hadn’t realised that RR80+ is only available if you buy the proposed Progression Pack – I’m sure that wasn’t mentioned before. There’s also going to be a Personality Pack – pets, mounts and change appearance.


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