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Snotling Herald – You get him from Tarnith Sansur on the left of the ramp up to the Stables.
The snotling dances about like he needs to take a piss – good job I have a widescreen monitor “Red Garbed Snotling Herald” takes up a lot of space over his head; can’t find a way of getting rid of it or changing it. Think the novelty will soon wear off – unless his repertoire increases.

Trophys – you get them from Esty Toesaos on the left stairs in the library. Waste of bleedin’ money – the Rat On A Large Hook is barely visible, Skull On A Large Claw is a bit naff. All the others seem a bit, shall we say, chintzy.

Mounts – you get them from Gesture Stalker at the stables. The lvl 2 mount is the Enslaved Pack Mule. The Greenies have Hunting Boars 60% increase in speed and 55% chance to dismount.

2 out of 10 – must try harder – very disappointing


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