Damn You SoR

Locked the realm and onto Altdorf – or it was for some, it was off for spag bol for me.
On my return SoR told me that Destro were taking BOs in Praag; galloped off to the Armoury and it was full of Order – wipe. It then all went quiet in Praag and SoR told me that Destro were active in TM – went to Karak Palik – it was full of order – wipe.
Hmmm – something a bit amiss here.
LotD opened so off I went for a brief airship downing – there was no-one else there, or not attacking the airship anyway.
So I finished the evening doing Tome unlocks – at least that was straight forward.

So the purists don’t like Order dealing with the Skavens – how do they reconcile Greenskins riding my-little-ponies? I’d like to know how Myffic got that one past the GW IP department.


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