Nice Doggy

Logged on and found a Warlord’s Fell Hound in my mailbox after re-introducing my son. Doesn’t do much but at least I don’t have to clear up after him unlike my RL dogs.

Late afternoon/early evening was good in T4 – got my Choppa up to RR43 and looked forward to an evening of killin’. Unfortunately the zerg had other ideas and melted away once the Order zerg showed up. Did a couple of LotD runs – one in a WB of Choppas and Sorcs with only two healers; only just managed the airship. There seems to be an inordinate number of Choppas in T4 at the moment.
Found most of the zerg hanging around IC – looked like some sort of fashion show; all hiRR, all afraid of getting blood on their armour.
Anyhow – finally got pissed off with T4 and dropped down to T2 and onto my Zealot. Haven’t played the lower Tiers for quite a while – it was like a breath of fresh air – this is where the players who aren’t afraid to die have been hiding.
I’ve got one of each Chaos character in T2 – looks like I’ll be spending a bit more time on them.

Does it not seem ridiculous to anyone else that you can run through the keep door when it’s being assaulted?


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