Drop for the Chop

At long last – my Choppa has never had a single massive loot bag drop until last night – finally at RR42 he got a massive loot bag with Conq Tuff Chest in LotD. Up to now he’s had to buy all his RvR armour or use PvE stuff.
I’ve changed him back to dual-wield with most points in Savage and the rest in Hitta – let’s see how this goes – Go For Da Soft Spot may be a problem as positional play ain’t my forte; still with Flanking it should be rather effective – roun’ da back and hit da ‘ealerz

With all the RR buffs available it’s getting very easy to rank up now – this seems to be Myffics answer to the RR gap in T4 – get everyone up to RR80 as soon as possible, all running around in Anni gear; but then the new drop rate for medallions should overcome that.


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