WAR needs a T5

The last two nights in T4 on Azgal were dire. No sign of major guild or co-ordinated WBs taking on Order. The PUGs are happy when things are going their way but as soon as Order put up any kind of fight they disappear.
Strangely enough though, the WC leechers were all members of major guilds – maybe waiting for more of their guild to come on line?

Leechers have not gone away – they’ve just moved a few yards.
OK, they pay their subs and are entitled to play as they wish but they might as well not be there at all except for increasing the AAO for the enemy. Surely it’s not too difficult to deal with them?

From what I’ve heard and read about various experiences of Thanquol’s Incursion and the new RvR, they are not being welcomed with open arms.
T.I. will only be available to >RR65 and is only a small diversion in RvR.
The new RvR will not change the fact that T4 is full of hiRR players steamrolling loRR players – now we are going to have hihiRR making matters worse.
It’s already discouraging for many players who have given up on T4 and have dropped back down to T1 hoping that things will change later on.
Perhaps the present RvR should be for players <50RR and Mythic need to introduce a new RvR area for players >50RR.
The Fortresses could reappear in some form or another as a T5 along with the missing capital cities – or maybe a whole new realm.

RvR needs expanding and not by just adding a dungeon.

The proposed RvR packs are merely window dressing and will not impress many players – maybe Mythic moved back from releasing a full expansion at this time and are waiting for the WoW Cataclysm hype to die-down.


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