Roaring Silence

It looks like Vandy Sagina have sunk without a trace despite the attempt to raise a storm over the enforced name change. No sign of their ex-members in T4 last night.

Last night was yet another headless-chicken PUG night for Destro except for when Nitro logged-in and brought some semblance of leadership to the fray. He’s our hero.
I spent the night soloing as all the WBs were either full or closed – another 50% RR required to get my SH to RR45 – damn WHs kept popping up and killing me; managed to get revenge on two of them though.

Lots of discussion about the top Destro guilds not showing up in any meaningful way in  T4 RvR – where are they all?
Seems that most of them exist to stroke the leaders’ egos – Azgal really needs a good RvR guild – who will come to our aid?
There are still a lot of leechers AFK outside the WCs – usually members of the big guilds – still, they’ve paid their subs so it’s up to them how they play.


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