Quiet Before The Storm?

So last Friday’s PTS came and went with barely a murmer – very subdued. Come to think of it, it’s been rather quiet altogether on the WARfront. The EALouse spat seems to have died down – or maybe it’s because I can’t be arsed following it.

I managed to get my SH up to RR44 – one more level and I’ll go back to my Orcs. I’ve been leapfrogging my Greenskins for a while now – taking it in turns to level up – Shammie is at RR45 while my Blorc and Choppa are both RR41. I started out playing Order on Norn and have an Engie at 40/40 and a WP at 38/38 – my first alt was a WH; got him to 40/40 then deleted him in a fit of pique. The Norn guys must be feeling rather neglected – haven’t been to see them for quite a while.

T4 chat was being spammed last night by members of the guild formally known as Vandy Sagina – they’ve had a name change imposed on them, they are now known as Embrace The Change. One wag formed a guild called Duck My Sick in protest – how we all laughed.
Lots of BGBs on ignore after about 5 minutes.
It all got rather absurd and pointless with an apparently massive cross-realm vent discussion on how to react to the outrage.

With 1.4 there is going to have to be a lot more co-operation in RvR; the trouble is, at the moment, a lot of guilds seem to be no more than glorified PUGs.

Why can’t we change tactics whilst in combat?
This is the time when tactic changes are essential – how about a 30sec cooldown on tactic changes instead?

Why does the North on the reticle point East?


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