Guilds vs PUGs

The proposed changes to RvR in 1.4 have prompted Bootae to post some very interesting points – PTS Ponderings certainly looks like there is going to be a lot more strategy and communication needed to play effectively in 1.4
At the moment Azgal is dominated by a couple of well co-ordinated Order guilds for which Destro doesn’t seem to have an answer – this does not bode well post 1.4

PUGs are OK for casual slaughter and multi-PUGs good for zerg steamrolling but trying to lead a PUG is like trying to knit fog. PUGs have a mind of their own and it can be very frustrating when half the PUG goes off leeching keep defence RR, a few members go on scenarios and others don’t speak your language. PUGs are very enthusiastic when they are winning but it doesn’t take much for them to start evaporating.
Guilds on the other hand – by their very nature – should be better co-odinated and more effective; the problem is – you have to commit to them and guilds, very often, do not have enough members on-line to field an effective warband.

I think there will still be a need for PUGs in 1.4 – as cannon fodder.
The guilds can field small groups to take and hold BOs and protect resource carriers – essential for building up the keep level but these will have to be co-ordinated – it will all be about working together for the common good; whether this be through Alliances or mutual agreement.
The PUGs will charge about – wrecking ball style – as they are wont to do. This will be a useful distraction but the crunch will come when it’s time to assault the keep.
Soloing may now become more common with players latching onto small groups rather than the zerg.

I’ll be interested in seeing how the following to points pan-out –
How will access to siege weapons and aerial bombardment be controlled?
Will there be an advantage in keep defenders briefly leaving the keep to take BOs?
Changes to respawning and ressing – who will it benefit?
I think region locking going to be rather long and drawn out.

One of the problems with RvR at the moment is high RR players wiping the lake with the lower RR players. As the new Skaven dungeon is RR65 and above this may take some of the discouragement out of the game – but for how long?
This hasn’t been tested yet but will certainly change the dynamics of the game.

I’d like to see more strategic and tactical play in WAR and this is where the guilds will come in. I have a feeling that many casual players will become very quickly disenchanted with 1.4 – but the Guilds will have a bigger part to play from now on and some re-evaluation will be needed in the various Guild leaderships if 1.4 is to be successful.


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  1. Hi, I have been quite a lurker on your website and wanted to break my silence. Your post, Guilds vs PUGs | In Da Jibblies today was simply awesome.

    • Fez says:

      Thank you – my first non-spam comment – I’m rather enjoying this blogging lark – I look on it as an extension to a game a really enjoy playing. Cheers

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