If I’m not in RvR I’ll be in LotD – I’m not a great fan of Scenarios.
Problem with Azgal RvR at the weekend is it’s full of handbag wielding big-girls-blouses; headless PUGs making up a clueless zerg. Chat becomes clogged with moronic quips that verge on the racist/homophobic/misogynistic.
So I’ve taken to doing tome unlocks at the weekend with occasional dips into LotD.
It’s a shame PvE takes a back seat in WAR – there’s some wonderfully immersive lore out there to follow and some great scenery – it’s like being a tourist and rather relaxing.
There are still some peeps PvEing but nowhere near as many as there were in the early days. It’s like a little ramblers club – we all wave and help each other out.

LotD – where are we going to get rams and cannons from for attacking the WC/airship after 1.4?


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