PTS and Steins

It was a strange night – last night. Hardly anything happening in T4 so I ventured forth unto the PTS.
There weren’t many people on there either – faffed about in T3 for a while getting to grips with the new mechanics; had a ride on a manticore, dropped a few bombs and dropped into a keep. The flight getting near the keep, when they are in a holding pattern, was very juddery – might have been because someone was flying right in front of me. Fixed flight path – shame they are not steerable; but then we’d be flying over WCs and PvE hehehe.
Peeps not sure where the siege resources appeared – is it the WC, is it the BO, is it the Keep?
Popped to the IC – found Sweeney Todd – you need barber tokens to use him.

So – no more defend the BO or Lord quests. Didn’t check whether there are still the ususal scout BOs/Keeps quests from the WC.
WTS all my ordnance – I’ve got tons of it – seems it’s worthless now – still, it got me a little extra renown.  

Warhammer Steins – have finally arrived and very nice they are too
Couldn’t find the in-game gizzits though – have to turn the boxes inside out tonight


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