All New RvR

Speculation – nah can’t be bothered joining in.
A lot of info has been drip over the past few weeks and has been collated in various places – no point in repeating it –
The PTS kicks off this week – then we’ll see what Mythic have in store for us.
I feel very positive about it and it deals with what I thought were daft ideas – Battlefield Objectives, Keep Doors and Siege Engines
There should be some sort of strategic advantage in taking a BO but they became a bleedin’ nuisance in WAR.
And knocking a keep door down with a sword – never could get to grips with that.
Siege Engines were a waste of time – very little damage and too inflexible.

What’s going to happen to Ordnance?

So we’ll see what it’s all about on Friday night – should be fun


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